2019 Best Property Investment Hotspots

UK Property Investment Hotspots For Exceptional ROI In 2019

The ongoing Brexit saga has been worrying UK property investors for a lengthy period of time – uncertainty is never good when it comes to investments of any type. For many, this has meant looking to the UK for property investment opportunities – rather than on the European mainland. The good news is that there are a number of regions and towns that look set to deliver exceptional returns for the savvy property investor. The fundamentals of identifying that region or specific city/town remain as constant as they have ever been. The first is to find an area where the population is exhibiting strong growth in terms of job prospects – which will, in turn, lead to increasing numbers of younger people moving to the area. Add to this infrastructure development and you have the recipe for a great property investment destination.

Taking those factors into account here are some of the property investment hotspots in the UK today.

Bradford is one of the up and coming property investment destinations. Property here is significantly cheaper than that in nearby Leeds. After some years in the doldrums, the area around Bradford is now receiving the funding for an aggressive plan of revitalisation. A good example of this is the £75 million set aside in 2018 to regenerate Bradford’s inner city. Professionals are also being ured to Bradford due to the property pricing. There are also some magnificent buildings boasting gothic architecture which will make ideal apartment blocks. Many are currently undergoing renovation and refurbishment.

Another great property investment destination is Liverpool. the city, which was deteriorating – and had fallen out of favour with property investors during the 80s and 90s has now received a shot in the arm through focused business investment and centralised regeneration efforts. A young, professional population looking for long term rentals and property prices which are steadily ticking upwards make it an attractive proposition for investors who are prepared to act quickly.


Leeds is another great city for property investment. It is a bit of an evergreen option due to the fact that it is a university city – and that has always attracted savvy property investors. With three universities in the immediate vicinity, there will be no shortage of students (and parents) in search of quality accommodation options. There is also a large population of professional people in the city who are in search of accommodation at the higher end of the renal market.

This is another city that will reward property investors that are quick off the mark. The amount of gentrification that is underway is steadily pushing prices up, however, according to many industry pundits, there is still considerable upside to be explored.

There are other cities in the UK that will reward a considered investment strategy. These include Manchester, which also boasts large student numbers and a large professional population. It also hosts global sporting extravaganzas on a regular basis and infrastructure spending is increasing year on year.

Brexit is a worry – but for those who set their sites on exceptional property opportunities in the UK, a balanced portfolio with a low risk to reward ratio is still very much within reach.

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